Number 87

spring 2015

Featuring the Crazyshorts! winner and runners-up and an array of impressive poetry and prose.

Featured In This Issue

Editor’s NoteCrazyhorse 87 Cover


D.J. Thielke, “Persons of Interest”
Erika Krouse, “Wounds of the Heart and Great Vessels”
Dennis James Sweeney, “DNR”
Sarah Kokernot, “Pleasure to Make Your Acquaintance”
Joseph O’Malley, “Ceci N’est Pas About You”
Carol Ghiglieri, “Field Trip”


Emily Pease, “Foods of the Bible”

Landon Houle, “The Exterminator”
Caitlin Scarano, “Sick Day”
Lee Conell, “Matt’s Comics”


Mark Beaver, “Benediction”
Genevieve Thurtle, “Catch and Release”
Lawrence Sutin, “Can We Choose Parts of Ourselves to  Change? Asked My Daughter Sarah”
Garnett Kilberg Cohen, “Coins”


Sherod Santos, “How Long Did It Feel Like Burning,” “In White Youth,” “Lamplight Rises on Seated Figure”
Christopher Kempf, “Poem for the Giraffe Marius”
Alexandra Daley, “Survival Instinct,” “Manhattan”
Ann Keniston, “Residue,” “Amends,” “Injured Ode”
R. A. Villanueva, “Genesis 8:21”
Yang Mu, “Lectures” (“Jiangxue”), from the collection Changduan gexing, Taibei: Hongfang shudian 2013.
translated by N.G.D. Malmqvist
Jeffrey Pethybridge, From Found Poem Including History,an Essay on the Epic: “{as when time slows—dilates—},” “{as the tragedians would},” “{Poetry, before taking action, listens to the speechlessness of words},” “{Without abruption or relent, the state}”
J. P. Dancing Bear, “Creation”
T. J. McLemore, “Color Theory, San Angelo”
Rochelle Hurt, “Fourteen”
Felicia Zamora, selections from Quotient, “Gather”
Caylin Capra-Thomas, “Passage”
Laura Romeyn, “Woolgatherer”
Kevin McLellan, “Inside     Façade,” “The Sky     Cellar”
Keith Alexander, “The Land of Oohs and Ahhs”
Donald Platt, “Lighthouse Digest Doomsday List”
Emilia Phillips, “Apologia of the Shoulder Devil,” “Saudade in the City”
Richard Michelson, “Richard Michelson at the Old Bailey”
Jordan Stempleman, “Gym Brothels,” “Cope Don’t Mope”
Arielle Greenberg, “Scissor Series,” “Claim Song Moon, Abundance Moon, Cutting Moon,” “At Forty”
Rachel Richardson, “Double Aquarius”
Katharine Coles, “Self-Portrait with Nightfall” “Cento with Typo, from a Blog by Errol Morris,” How We Sing”


Laura Sharp Wilson, Four Medals