Number 86

fall 2014

Featuring the winners of the Crazyhorse Prizes in Fiction, Poetry, and Nonfiction alongside assorted pieces of poetry and prose.

Featured In This Issue

Editor’s Note


William Black, “Wildcats”
Jane McCafferty, “You Could Say the Universe”
Caleb Leisure, “Cold Light”
Cote Smith, “You Were Here”
Jen Fawkes, “Come Back, Rita”
Julialicia Case, “The Internet Hates You”


Deborah Cannarella, “On Longevity”
Naomi Kimbell, “Orphan Girl”
Camellia Freeman, “The End Is Not Yet”


J. Camp Brown, “Cartography Is Not the Absence of War”
Beth Bachmann, “oil,” “copperhead,” “testimony,” “gilt leather”
Cori A. Winrock, “Dilorication Begins at the  Silk of a Wrist,” “The Way We Sleep”
Mary Jo Bang, “Studies in Neuroscience:  The Perpetual Moment,” “Scene I: A Hall in the Temple of Justice,” “In This Box”
Rachel Morgan, “Noctilucence,” “Virus V. Virologist”
M. A. Vizsolyi, “A Barber’s Eye,” “The Blue Infected Will”
Alberto Ríos, “Two Men,” “Charm String,” “Citizens of a Great Country”
Kathleen McGookey, “Monkey Island,” “Field Trip”
Jonathan Fink, “Bombs Fall Near a Zoo”
Trent Nutting, “Dreams of Lightness”
Rebecca Black, “Limantour”
Robert Wrigley, “Five Moose Night,” “Spring Burning,” “Accompaniment”
Kim Garcia, “the mystic crucifixion by Tintoretto”
Rebecca A. Spears, “Field Design”
Lesely Wheeler, “Toys Lost Under the Hedge Since November,” “Semicolons”
Kimberley Burwick, “Uncle Mengele”
Noah Falck, “Poem Excluding Equinox,” “Poem Excluding Metric System
Sarah Crossland, “Abduction
Kevin Simmonds, “Race Man,” “Valediction for the Dromedary”
Claire Sylvester Smith, “The Frank-Starling Curve of the Heart”
Jim Daniels, “Eight Mile Elegy,” “Free Upgrade
Noel Crook, “Coyotes”
Kara van de Graaf, “Sonnet with a Wishbone in the Throat”
Camille T. Dungy, “Ars Poetica: Mercator Projection
Benjamin S. Grossberg, “From Elegies,” “From Elegies”
Gina Franco, “Water in Water,” “The Animal Is Poor in the World”
Bryan Narendorf, “If We Must Be Symbolic, Let Us Also Be Frank”


Dawn Hunter, Art Department