Number 84

fall 2013

Featuring the winners of the Crazyhorse Prizes in Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry alongside a fantastic selection of poetry and prose.

Featured In This Issue

84Crazyhorse-Cover copy


Kelly Magee, “Good Neighbor”
Jill Rosenberg, “The Logic of Imaginary Friends
Dana Fitz Gale, “Jester”
John Matthew Fox, “Down on the Pitch”
Heidi Diehl, “Second Forest


Jesse Donaldson, “Notes from a Congregant”
Samantha Simpson, “Blood Type”
Richard Terrill, “Who Was Bill Evans?”


Hadara Bar-Nadav, “Thumb”
Amy Woolard, “The Blueprint”
Robert Huotari, “The Tenure of the Premis,” “Small”
Michael Metivier, “Silos,” “The Wing”
Jillian Weise, “Toy Train,” “To Forget Mark Dicklip”
Cate Lycurgus, “Love Poem with a Dropped Stitch,” “Resting State”
Shara Lessley, “In Jordan’s Northernmost Province,” “Fragment from al-Deir (The Monastery),” “The Explosive Expert’s Wife”
Jon Davis, “First Contact”
Ogaga Ifowodo, “Liberation Camp”
Bruce Beasley, “What Do You Think the Poet Is Trying to Say?”
Susan Laughter Meyers, “Dear E.,” “You Offer Apology,” “Anatomy of a Drowning”
L.S. Klatt, “Caterpillar”
Lindsey D. Alexander, “Suadades [Bottle Rocket]”
Matthew Hittinger, “Frost Pear,” “Caliper Owl Thistle Fork,” “The Sphinx * The Asterisk,” “Villa Lyric”
Gabriella R. Tallmadge, “Marriage An Animal Language”
Marc McKee, “What Isn’t Rubble,” “How Move the Boulder”
Raza Ali Hasan, “No King, No King of Kings
Matthew Gwathmey, “[Modern Folktales] (III),” “[Modern Folktales] (VI)”
Catherine Pierce, “Winter, Mississippi”
Frannie Lindsay, “Upon Learning a Friend Is Now Terminal and Being Asked for Prayers
Melina Draper, “Coda”
CJ Evans, “Inquiry into Vesper”
Danielle Cadena Deulen, “The Needle, The Thread
Mark Svenvold, “To the Reader”


Echo Eggebrecht, “Beginners,” copyright 2013.










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