Number 99

spring 2021

Featuring the 2021 Crazyshorts! winner SL Carroll, a debut essay by Kameron Bashi, poems from Kwame Dawes, Paul Guest, L. S. Klatt, and The Cyborg Jillian Weise, translations of Matilde Ladrón de Guevara, 喜撰法師 (Kisen Hōshi), 参議篁 (Sangi Takamura), and 僧正遍昭 (Soujyou Henjyou), along with fiction from Arshia Simkin, Allegra Hyde, and Scott Nadelson.

Featured In This Issue


SL Carroll, “Vanishing Act”
Allegra Hyde, “Mercy”
Scott Nadelson, “Loyalists”
Arshia Simkin, “No More Kissing Talk”
Laura Spence-Ash, “Shelter”
Sean Towey, “The Stuffed Parakeet”
Wil Weitzel, “The Night Shades of the Ocean”


Kameron Bashi, “On Discerning an Impossible Object”
Danica Klewchuk, “Reasons to Live”
Kirtan Nautiyal, “Sweat”
Tori Sharpe, “Trouble”
Ruby Todd, “The Funeral Mute”


Bruce Beasley, “Versary”
Mary Biddinger, “Department of Elegy,” “Mission Statement”
Despy Boutris, “Self-Portrait as Ghost”
Gordon Buchan, “Apple Sauce,” “Palm Trees in Switzerland”
Court Castaños, “Geophagy: The Practice of Eating Earth”
Brittany Cavallaro, “Fact Check,”
Lyn Li Che, “Only Daughter,” “Sobriqu(i)ets”
Kwame Dawes, “Samaq Urqu,” “At the Cemetery”
Gregory Djanikian, “Too Fast”
Naoko Fujimoto, Three Translations: “Kisen Hōshi,” “Sangi Takamura,” “Soujyou Henjyou”
Amy Gaeta, “Love Songs for the Virtual,” “Personal Protection Equipment”
Armando Jaramillo Garcia, “Something I Heard,” “A Revised Plan”
Jessica Garratt, “Rune,” “C Sharp,” “Sledding, Age 12”
Sarah Gridley, “The Sealed Fountain”
Paul Guest, “1993,” “2015”
Kirsten Kaschock, “Coming To,” “The Newdeer”
L. S. Klatt, “Sparrow,” “Rhapsody in Falsetto”
Peter LaBerge, “Sight of Love”
Matilde Ladrón de Guevara, “Peces de Oro,” translated by Rebecca Pelky & Jake Young
Rahul Mehta, “Rejoice”
Sara Michas-Martin, “Wizards & Thieves,” “Is It Real”
Trey Moody, “In My Memory of Living Together,” “The Boy and the Boy Looking Back”
Katherine Noble, “Adultery”
Sherod Santos, “from The California Notebook”
Hannah V Warren, “a collection of old wives’ tales that live on your body,” “Omission of the Tongue”
Rachel Jamison Webster, “Art”
The Cyborg Jillian Weise, “Klonopin, Come Back,” “Sappho’s Fragment 51 (Cyborg Translation),” “What Is a Video Play,” “Dreams about the War on Opiates by Someone Who Uses Opiates, Responsibly, for Chronic Pain”
Alisha Yi, “From the Neighborhood”


Julia Deckman, Glow © 2020. Mixed Media on canvas. 18” x 24”.