Number 97

spring 2020

Finally here! Featuring the winner of the Crazyshorts! Short-Short Fiction Competition alongside outstanding stories, essays, and poems.

Featured In This Issue


Sheldon Costa, “Your Bullet and You”
Bailey Cunningham, “Spinning Stories”
Rebecca Morgan Frank, “Ten Percent Effort”
Afabwaje Kurian, “Mrs. Satosi”
Iheoma Nwachukwu, “To You Americans”
Zak Salih, “Boys Beware”
Sheila Sundar, “Deccan Basalt”


Marilyn Abildskov, “Algebra”
W. Scott Olsen, “On Measuring Time”
Ira Sukrungruang, “Eulogy for My Father”


Amy M. Alvarez, “Appalachia LGA,” “Morgantown, West Virginia,” “Monongahela Means Falling”
Susanna Childress, “Rooted, They Grip Down and Begin to Awaken”
Ansley Clark, “Lineage of Power,” “Interior vs. Exterior”
Charlie Clark, “Devil Speculation,” “Devil’s Profession of Ignorance”
Ryan Collins, “The Dawn of Nothing,” “How Do We Get to the Sun”
Liz Countryman, “Leave”
Luciana Jazmín Coronado, translated by Allison A. deFreese “Dinner at Las Heras,”
Josh English, “Hypothesis (II),” “Lessons in Clairvoyance”
CJ Evans, “An Orchard Is a Forest We Broke”
Alice Friman, “With Due Respect,” “Mother’s Secret”
Matthias Göritz, translated by Mary Jo Bang “Able to Imitate,” “Late Afternoon (Delight) Flight,”
Naomi Guttman, “Drift”
Joseph Harms, “Coma,” “Solip Horrid”
Janice N. Harrington, “Botanical Illustration: Viola Odorata”
Kasey Jueds, “Litany (Easter),” “The Silo”
Elizabeth Langemak, “What Happens Next”
Jennie Malboeuf, “The Mirror of God Is Only Glass”
Sandra McPherson, “Current, Matadero Creek”
Leslie Adrienne Miller, “Two Rooms,” “Lithology”
Danielle Pafunda, “To that object of beauty at best beset by everyone’s bets”
Isaac Pickell, “We are more than mere endurance”
Doug Ramspeck, “Ontological Snow,” “Winter Auguries”
Zach Savich, “Cadenza,” “Institutional Disconfirmation”
Jane Springer, “After the Fire,” “Insurance List Item #1,970, Attic,” “After the Fire, Dressing”
Sarah Stickney, “The Westin, Annapolis”
Sally Van Doren, “Up Against It”
M. A. Vizsolyi, “[recesses],” “[quit]”
Ross White, “Performativity,” “A Hundred Names for Money, One of Which is My Father’s Name”


Neil Folberg, Nahal Pratzim and Dead Sea © 2013. Photograph. 76 x 92 cm”.