Number 96

fall 2019

Featuring the winners of the Crazyhorse Prizes in Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry accompanied by a stunning collection of prose and poetry.

Featured In This Issue


Sara Batkie, “Errata”
Marian Crotty, “Halloween”
Gabriel Heller, “Drowning in Air”
Barbara Klein Moss, “Conspirators”
Joanna Pearson, “Dear Shadows”
Sam Stover, “Good Girl”


Mary Birnbaum, “Owosso”
Katharine Coles, “Filament”
Sarah Curtis, “‘I Fought the Law’: A Love Song”
Gordon Johnston, “Grip Tite Pocket”


Roy Bentley, “Hillbilly Guilt”
Emma Bolden, “Daughters of the Air”
Sarah Burke, “Almost Never”
Dieurat Clervoyant, “Fragments from Three Poems” translated by Elizabeth Dodd
Nancy Eimers, “Bombed-Out Mall in Baghdad, 2008,” “Migrants,” “ISIS Forces Iraq Shopkeepers to Veil Mannequins, or, Fragments Stolen from Shelly’s ‘Mutability’ and NBC News”
Benjamin Garcia, “Self-Portrait as a Man-Made Diamond”
Michele Glazer, “The Crew, Afflicted by All Its Lacks, Aimed at a Distant Star. to Cross, to Surrender to,” “Letter to some”
J.P. Grasser, “Trophic Cascade”
Major Jackson, “Oracle & Prophecy,” “Augustinian”
Joanie Mackowski, “Waves of Said,” “Failsay”
John A. Nieves, “On Tension,” “Wildflower Field”
Willy Palomo, “Diáspora”
Alison Pelegrin, “Our Lady of Bewilderment,” “Flood Subject”
Catherine Pierce, “Pillow Talk”
Ösel Jessica Plante, “The Ant & the Our Father”
Donald Platt, “Earthly Ideas”
Alison Powell, “The Sun Is a Star We Only See
in the Daytime,” “After the Birth of the First Child,” “Boats in the Attic”
Nasser Rabah, “Heart with Windows but No Doors” translated by Saleh Razzouk and Philip Terman
Jessica Reed, “I See the Systems Lift”
Philip Schaefer, “Dear Chad”
Corinna McClanahan Schroeder, “Portrait of the Artist Trying,” “Modern Marriage and How to Bear It”
Raena Shirali, “[Every woman is a potential witch],” “Ghazal Against [Declining to Name the Subject]”
Kevin Simmonds, “Fade,” “Whip”
A. Smith, “Twin”
Alicia Wright, “Eclogue in Rills, 1944,” “Wraparound”
Felicia Zamora, “Bee in the Barn”


Bovey Lee, The Skateboarder © 2015. Cut Paper. 32″ x 19″.