Number 95

spring 2019

Featuring the Crazyshorts! Winner along with a lineup of exceptional fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

Featured In This Issue


Amber Wheeler Bacon, “The Fence”
Erin Flanagan, “Emergency”
Maria Kuznetsova, “The Joke”
Thomas H. McNeely, “No One’s Trash”
Aliceanna Stopher, “estuaries”
Anne Valente, “Tick Season”
Karen Wunsch, “What Do You Have to Show Me?”


Paul Crenshaw, “Derrick Wore His Pants Too High”
Christine Spillson, “Beneath the Earth, Speed; Beneath the Earth, Weight”


Tory Adkisson, “Elegy Swallowing a Glass Piano,” “Portrait of My Father As the Trojan Horse”
Nicky Beer, “Forged Medieval German Church Fresco with Clandestine Marlene Dietrich,” “Heart in Turmeric”
Stéphane Bouquet, “IV from Les Amours,” translated by Lindsay Turner
Traci Brimhall, “Self-Portrait as Milk Hare in Active Shooter Alert,” “Thanatophobia”
R. Cassandra Bruner, “Cora, Bound to the Tree, Delivers Her Testimony”
Heather Christle, “Lucite Office Furniture”
Adam Clay, “Mississippi Elegy”
Chanda Feldman, “Man in Tidal Blue”
James Grinwis, “Controlled Voltage Source,” “Ideal Source,” “Push Switch”
Hagit Grossman, “Rapunzel,” translated by Benjamin Balint
Bob Hicok, “A promotional brochure for the world we are making”
Tom C. Hunley, “The Last Time I Took My Son To The Movies”
George Kalamaras, “When I Say the Unborn, I Think of Zen Master Bankei”
Elisa Karbin, “Metamorphosis,” “What Becomes a Ghost?” “On Salt”
Jonathan Katz, “Bubbles”
Christopher Kondrich, “Mortality Event”
Lisa Lewis, “Suicide Line”
Jakob Maier, “Millennium Box,” “Grief Box,” “Box of Ears”
Brandi Nicole Martin, “Wild”
Komal Mathew, “Birthday Games”
T. J. McLemore, “Written on the Wall of the Farm Dormitory”
Erika Meitner, “we used to go to the Bulgarian Bar but not together,” “Médium Adam 25”
Sarah Rose Nordgren, “Making a Baby,” “Territory”
Brian Simoneau, “Confession”
Alison Stine, “The Shed,” “Rabbit, Rabbit,” “Savannah Smiles, 1982″
Ingela Strandberg, “Untitled,” translated by the author
Gale Marie Thompson, “Grief Vectors”
Liliana Maria Ursu, “The Biblical Gardens of San Francisco,” “The Child Speaks,” translated by Mihaela Moscaliuc
Sasha West, “Habitable”


Mike Childs, The Traps A. © 2018. Acrylic and spray paint on canvas. 25″ x 33″.