Number 94

fall 2018

Featuring the winners of the Crazyhorse Prizes in Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry alongside a wonderful array of poetry and prose.

Featured In This Issue


Elaine Ford, “Scare”
Emerson Henry, “Rainforest”
Ben Shattuck, “Happy Mating”
Josie Sigler Sibara, “The Feral”
John Tait, “All the Pretty Girls Look the Same”
Kevin Wilson, “Until the Flood Came”


Elizabeth Becker, “Report”
Marya Hornbacher, “The Vigil Chair”
Katherine E. Standefer, “Anatomy of the First Kiss”


Dan Beachy-Quick, “Pneuma,” “Abecedarian,” “Life Sentences”
Lauren Camp, “Our Beginning and Our End”
Kai Carlson-Wee, “The Book”
Cortney Lamar Charleston, “Newton’s Third Law / Negritude’s First Law,” “A Character Solemnly Torn”
Marta Del Pozo, “Hunger of Images”
Katy Didden, “Swarm”
Megan Gannon, “Dispatch from the Middle Distance”
Matty Layne Glasgow, “Elegy for Honeybee”
Jessica Jacobs, “Thanks, stupid heart”
Sara Eliza Johnson, “The Breaking Wheel”
L. S. Klatt, “A Rowboat Oh No That’s Unexpected,” “Weapons-Grade Uranium Piano”
Joanna Klink, “On Mercy,” “On Friendship,” “Elegy”
Rebecca Lehmann, “The Sea”
Shane McCrae, “Jim Limber on the Gates of Heaven,” “Jim Limber Tells the Truth about His Fate,” “Jim Limber’s Home Is No Earthly Home”
Kathleen Peirce, “Theory of a Nest,” “Ovation,” “White with Off-White”
Jennifer Perrine, “Aubade with Pando”
Xandria Phillips, “Poem Where I Refuse to Talk About . . . ,” “Stress Dream in the Key of Prozac”
Paige Quiñones, “Love Poem: Fox,” “Wing Covert”
Dana Roeser, “Today the Barn Isn’t Getting Lashed with Some Kind of Terrifying or Inconvenient Weather”
Mira Rosenthal, “Subway Theory,” “Memory My Leaf”
Natasha Sajé, “empty net,” “brown velvet blouse”
Iman Chahin Sharba, “Prior to the Departure,” translated by Saleh Razzouk & Philip Terman
Lisa Russ Spaar, “Persimmon Madrigal,” “Last Place on Earth Madrigal,” “Wounded Vulture Madrigal”
Gary J. Whitehead, “Notre Père, Nos Poires,” “Toward the Far Shore”
Erica Wright, “If There’s One Way to Die, There’s a Thousand,” “The King’s Edition”


Julie Wolfe, Constructed Situations 8. © 2016. Pastel, colored pencil, and acrylic on paper. 22″ x 30″.