Number 100

fall 2021

Featuring the 2021 Crazyhorse prize winners in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, Mary Clark, Jung Hae Chae, and Mark Wagenaar; a debut story from Nancy Nguyen; fiction from Nicole VanderLinden, Weston Cutter, and Timothy Mullaney; an essay from A.C. Zhang; and poems from Lisa Low, Michael Prior, Mary Kaiser, Jose Hernandez Diaz, and Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad, among others.

Featured In This Issue


Mary Clark, “Steppie”
Weston Cutter, “Great Americans”
Samuel Jensen, “The Dog Walks in a Circle”
Timothy Mullaney, “Hit the Wall”
Nancy Nguyen, “At Your Convenience”
Nicole VanderLinden, “Fiddler”


Jung Hae Chae, “Hole(s)”
Lucy Ferriss, “Meditation on Fire”
Kaleena Madruga, “Two Aliens”
Shanda McManus, “Fingernails”
A. C. Zhang, “Bodyweight”


Yasmine Ameli, “When We Fall, We Fall a Flock of Two”
Rowyda Amin, “The Little Forty-Year-Old Dancer”
Jai Hamid Bashir, “A Theorem for Summer”
nicole v basta, “epigenetics or: how to momentarily retract the story”
Mariah Bosch, “In fantasy I live forever”
Diana Cao, “Convergence,” “Old Dogs (Remember)”
Karla Cordero, “Ode to the Backyard Bumblebee,” “Tiburón”
Caroline Crew, “Alternate Timeline,” “Pines”
Chelsea B. DesAutels, “What I Remember Most”
Jose Hernandez Diaz, “I Never Had a Mexican-American Teacher Growing Up,” “The Road,” “Sunday Cruise”
Andrea Jurjević, “La Cumparsita for Nona,” “Summer’s End”
Mary Kaiser, “September”
Kamal E. Kimball, “The need machines”
Kate Lebo, “Sonnet for a Spring Fever,” “I Explain Quarantine to My Unborn Child”
Jasmine Ledesma, “Folk Song”
Viola Lee, “Life with Children”
Lisa Low, “Feedback Loop,” “Photoshop”
Maja Lukic, “Ulvik”
Jenny Molberg, “Jenny | Jennifer: Sonogram”
Alison Palmer, “Until That Body Wakes Sir, Finds Itself in the Place It Thought It was Meant to Be”
Tyler Allen Penny, “A Boy Ago Visits His Shadow,” “Through the Window Slips the Light of a Lung-Colored Moon”
Michael Prior, “Broken Record”
Cai Rodrigues-Sherley, “when a black girl-child sees death for the first time,” “Hurst”
Daniel Ruiz, “Madrugada”
Dorsía Smith Silva, “Decode”
Nathan Spoon, “Yesterday”
Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad, “Anxiety Ablution,” “House Finch”
Phuong T. Vuong, “In My Afterlife, I Am Brightest,” “In the Present Sense,” “A Repeating Distance”
Bernardo Wade, “some awful word,” “Shake Loose the Tree,” “Another (Damn) Crow Poem,” “A Young Man Resting on an Exercise Bike, Amityville, NY 1988”
Mark Wagenaar, “Sentence”


Shane Brown, Red Hill © 2021. Photographic composition. Infinite dimensions.