Tea for Two Cha Cha

T. De Los Reyes | Poetry

You turn on the radio and it’s Xavier Cugat
and his orchestra. You plan to go gently
throughout your day, but why not do
a little shimmy on the way to the kitchen.
The morning is warm, dog kisses are free,
and the soft, pillowy bun has a surprise
slice of cheese in the middle. The bathroom
floor doesn’t have water stains this time,
and the book you bought many moons ago
finally arrived in the mail. Listen, can you
believe you don’t have to be anything but
whom you already are? The music flows
from room to room like a river, like sunlight,
like blood in your nerves, and you never have
to apologise to anyone. When they said worlds
are trapped within a person they meant
wild thing, and dance, and stardust.